Viewing Your Apache Statistics using Webalizer on Debian Stretch

Since my days of using Lunarpages as a web host, I have been very loyal to a nice little Linux tool called Webalizer. Webalizer is a tiny program that parses your Apache log files , analyzes them for traffic data and shows it in a meaningful way. Your report is displayed in a simple HTML format that you can view by just visiting the URL. It may not be as flashy as some other solutions, but it is very much battle tested since the 90’s and totally free.



This is optional, but if you want webalizer to be able to show meaningful location information, you will need to turn on DNS lookups. This can be seen when webalizer shows your traffic by country. With this setting off, your country information will show Unresolved/Unknown.


Search for a setting called HostnameLookups

HostnameLookups On

Now just restart Apache2


Your website statistics should be available in the webalizer folder, navigate to your apache website like so

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